Exciting additions to the group! Will Carson from Miami University joins as a Columbia MRSEC REU student; Jack Tulyag and Inki Lee, incoming Columbia graduate students, join as summer GRAs.


New article out in ACS Energy Letters! Using stroboSCAT to image charge transport in two lead-free double halide perovskites, we find that carrier diffusion lengths exceed 1 micron despite shallow trap-limited transport. These diffusion lengths combined with good absorption properties suggest that halide double perovskites are viable candidates to rival the archetypal lead halide perovskites for photovoltaic applications.


Eileen Moudou, an undergraduate student at Columbia College, joins the group. Welcome!


Milan is awarded the Lenfest Junior Faculty Development Grant. Thank you to the Lenfest program!


Graduate students Shan-Wen Cheng, Vicky Su and Ding Xu join Delor Labs. Welcome!


The Delor lab is growing! We are looking for enthusiastic students and postdocs to join the team in Fall of 2019. Please contact Milan for more information.


Milan Delor to join Columbia University's Department of Chemistry in Fall 2019